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Cleaned up my submissions

2012-09-07 17:48:59 by Bidoof45

Removed all the shitty old electronic songs, still upset about Pope Friction being erased despite my citation for the sound clip used in the tags or in the description I don't remember. I just know I cited it. Also just noticed my other popular song Blue is not here. What the fuck Newgrounds? I would like to blame Step because he/she is a total faggot who should leave me alone and stop reporting my songs you blabbering anus.

Anyways I broke my microphone but I have 2 acoustic songs I want to record and once I do I will put them on here because I like to do that, hopefully I can sooner than later.


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2012-10-06 23:21:27

im fucking pissed of as well. fuck Step....


2012-10-13 03:18:44

You mean "Analogue," "Everybody's Got DVDs," & "The A Side of B?" I have those burned on a disc with "Breaking Your Fall."

Bidoof45 responds:

That's weird man that's pretty weird those are like the worst songs ever created


2012-11-09 18:29:59

if you need a copy of blue let me know i downloaded it i cant wait to hear your new songs


2012-12-05 02:30:51

If they are your original songs, this "step" character has no business reporting them. love the music mate


2012-12-26 18:33:05

if you don't have one, you should set up a soundcloud and upload them. i really loved blue and i was really disappointed when i saw that i couldn't access it.


2013-01-15 17:38:40

yeah fuck step, whoever that is.

also, the B man has a soundcloud, it has blue on it as well, so you should be happy.


2014-11-27 16:49:02

I have Pope Friction on my hard drive. I just found it, cannot stop playing it...